Why Is My Fire TV Cube Flashing Yellow?

The Fire TV Cube is a smart home assistant that can control your sound bars, audio devices, and even the lights in your house. However, if your Fire TV Cube is flashing yellow, it won’t be able to do any of these things. If your Fire TV Cube flashes yellow, it is experiencing internet connectivity issues. You can resolve the issue by reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or by restarting the router. Standard-definition content also requires an internet connection with a minimum speed of 3 Mb/s.

What Do I Do If My Fire TV Cube Flashes Yellow?

If your Fire TV Cube continues to flash yellow, you will be unable to watch your favorite shows or issue commands to it. However, the following steps may be able to help you:

Check the Strength of Your Router’s Signal

As previously stated, a solid connection requires at least 3 Mb/s. Your router’s download speed should ideally be at least 5 Mb/s so that you can watch high-definition content.

If your download speed is less than 3 Mb/s, contact your service provider. They might offer you a new router or go over your upgrade options.

Improve the Performance of Your Router

You can place your Fire TV Cube up to 250 feet away from the router and still have a reliable connection. If you’ve had the same router for a few years, it shouldn’t be more than 100 feet away.

Even if you’re within the permitted range, you can improve your connectivity by doing the following:

  • Unplug any smart home devices you have. Your router can only support a limited number of devices at once. If you have multiple smart home devices running at the same time, your router’s bandwidth -or the number of devices it can support- will be reduced. Disconnect some of these devices before turning on your Fire TV Cube.
  • Get a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender extends the range of your router. Installing a Wi-Fi extender can serve as a bridge for your internet signal or revive any “dead zones” if your Fire TV Cube is more than 250 feet away from it.
  • Place your router on a high surface. According to CNET, Wi-Fi signals travel downward. As a result, if you place your router on a high surface, such as a shelf, it will easily connect to your smart home devices.
  • Remove any additional smart home devices. Remove any speakers, streaming devices, or computers from the vicinity of your Fire TV Cube. Having these internet-sucking devices on at the same time degrades the signal received by your Fire TV Cube.

Repeat the installation procedure.

Power outages and “dead zones” can all disrupt your Fire TV Cube’s connection to your router. Restart your device by following these steps:

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect the Fire TV Cube to your TV.
  • Connect the Fire TV Cube to the wall.
  • Turn on your television and select the appropriate output.
  • Press the center button on your remote.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Log in to your Amazon account.

You should be able to watch your favorite shows and movies once your Fire TV Cube stops flashing yellow.

If not, move any audio devices away from your Fire TV Cube by at least two feet. Audio devices can have an impact on your device’s bandwidth and receptivity, making it difficult to receive a strong signal.

What Do the Other Colors on My Fire TV Cube Indicate?

Your Fire TV Cube emits three primary colors, which are as follows:

  • Orange: A solid orange light indicates that your Fire TV Cube is in “discovery” mode and actively looking for a Wi-Fi connection. Here, you can connect your device to Wi-Fi by following the on-screen instructions on the TV.
  • Yellow: As previously stated, a flashing yellow light indicates that your Fire TV Cube is not connected to the internet. If, on the other hand, you see a solid yellow light, your device is overheating. Turn it off and leave it alone for a half-hour to cool down.
  • Blue: Normally, your device turns blue only when it receives data. However, some Amazon users have reported that their devices remain blue for days on end. Amazon recommends the following:
    • On the TV, navigate to the homepage of your device.
    • Selecting “Settings.”
    • Choosing “My Fire TV.”
    • Select “Reset to Factory Defaults.”

If your TV turns purple or pink while using the Fire TV Cube, you need to replace the HDMI cable. A new one can be purchased online for less than ten dollars.


If your Fire TV Cubes keep flashing, it’s probably because it’s not connected to the internet. You can try repositioning your device or checking the internet speed of your router. If your device is more than 250 feet away from the router, you should consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender.

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