Connect Sensibo Air to Google Home

How to Connect Sensibo Air to Google Home

The Sensibo Air is a smart infrared air conditioner remote that connects to the internet. It allows you to control your A/C remotely and even automate its settings. According to Sensibo, the Air can be used with any air conditioning unit that has a remote control. It’ll work with any type of air conditioner if it has an IR sensor. If your device lacks an IR sensor, you’re out of luck, though a smart plug can provide a more limited level of control.

The Sensibo app for Android or iOS allows you to control the Air device. The app is well-designed and intuitive to use. You can simply see the temperature and humidity of the rooms where your Sensibo Air is installed. You can toggle location-based settings with the geomarker, establish time-based schedules with the clock icon, and access general options with the gear icon. Not only does this small gadget allow you to control your A/C remotely using your smartphone, but it also interacts effectively with Alexa and Google Assistant. Let’s now find out how to connect your Sensibo Air to Google Home so you can use the Google Assistant to control your A/C from any room in your home using only your voice.

Setting Up the Sensibo Air Device.

First, you have to download the Sensibo app on your mobile device from the Google Play Store for Android Devices or App Store for iOS Devices.

After downloading the app, launch it and tap the “SIGN UP” button if you don’t have an account. If you’re already signed up, just tap “SIGN IN” and enter your credentials.

Once you’ve signed up, you will have to add a device. On the “Add Devices” screen, tap on “Sensibo Air” and plug in your Sensibo Air device to the power. The device will then blink once every few seconds.

Find the QR code on the back of the Sensibo device and scan it with the app. Then, select the Location of your device, the Room name, and the Temperature unit.

To finish the device setup, get your A/C remote control, point it at the device’s front face, and press the power button.

How to Connect Sensibo Air to Google Home

Connecting your Sensibo Air device to your Google Home is a really simple process. You’ll be able to use the Google Assistant to control your air conditioning in no time.

  1. In your Google Home app on your phone, open the settings menu on the left side and tap “Home Control.”
  2. Tap on the + on the bottom right and tap Sensibo.
  3. Enter your Sensibo login information and tap “login.”
  4. On the Authorize Google page, tap Authorize.
  5. That’s it! You can now start using your voice to control your air conditioners.

Here are some useful phrases you can use with your Google Assistant:

  • OK Google, turn on the living room A/C.
  • OK Google, set thermostat in living room to heating.
  • Hey Google, what is the living room A/C set to?
  • OK Google, turn on the thermostat.
  • Hey Google, what is the temperature in the living room A/C?
  • OK Google, turn off the bedroom A/C.
  • OK Google, set thermostat to cooling.
  • Hey Google, increase the temperature in the bedroom A/C.
  • OK Google, set the temperature in the bedroom A/C to 25°.
  • OK Google, set living room A/C to cooling.

Can you use the Sensibo Air without Google Home?

As an alternative to Google Home or other smart home systems, such as the Apple Homekit, you may also utilize the Sensibo app. This is by no means essential to utilize the Air. However, it has a handful of its own perks. First, it includes an easy-to-use interface and a number of built-in customization capabilities. Second, it doesn’t require you to have a smart assistant. You don’t need Alexa, Google Home, or anything else.

The app also offers seven-day scheduling. This allows you to adjust the temperature at any time of day, on any day of the week. You may arrange your house to cool off shortly before you return home from work. Meanwhile, you may let it warm up throughout the work day, then keep it cool all through the weekend. There are also no restrictions on how many temperature adjustments you may make.If you have a complicated schedule, this controller will keep up with you.

What’s special about the Sensibo Air?

The Sensibo Air appears to be a regular thermostat at first glance, but it is actually a bit smarter. Instead of relying solely on temperature to operate, the device also takes humidity into consideration. On dry days, the end result will be that you will feel cool and comfortable without being too cold. You’ll save money and energy as well.

The most impressive feature, however, is that you can easily program your air conditioner to turn on and off based on whether or not the room reaches a certain temperature. That is, you could easily program the AC to turn on and off based on temperature and humidity triggers that were set up ahead of time. For example, I set the air conditioner to turn on automatically when the temperature in the room exceeded 25 degrees Celsius and turn off automatically when the temperature dropped below 25 degrees. It meant I could truly set it and forget it, not having to worry about overusing the air conditioner.

Final Thoughts

It just goes to show that connecting the Sensibo Air to Google Home is a super easy process and that the Sensibo Air is a great device overall. From its ability to upgrade a clumsy old air conditioning unit into something smart that you can even voice control from your phone or smart speaker, and all of the fantastic features that allow you to customize almost every setting on your A/C, we’d say it’s worth its price tag a hundred times over.

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