Is The Ring Doorbell Waterproof?

Today, technology has evolved so much that everything we wish to have is at our fingertips. Things that were never possible can now be done with just the flick of a button. Therefore, we have the new multi-faceted software and machines to thank for an increase in safety.

When talking about an increase in safety, an extremely important aspect is home and residential safety. No matter how safe your neighborhood or street is, you never know when things can go wrong.

For this very purpose, the best thing to use is a ring doorbell. No matter where you live or how safe you are, you must have heard of this at least once in your life. A ring doorbell is essentially what takes you one step closer to your ultra-smart and safe home.

The most recent discussion that has come up regarding ring doorbells is whether they are waterproof; simply speaking, yes. Most of them are, and you will know about that as you read along. Before that, let us briefly look at the other methods it uses to make sure you are safe.

What Features Does It Offer?

ring doorbell

At a time when it is best to be sure of everything, the ring doorbell is almost like a boon. It can let you manage and monitor things from far away — such as who is at the door, whether your lights are off, whether your heat is turned on, etc.

Well-Equipped Camera

When it comes to a ring doorbell, only the best of the best works. The first feature that contributes to this is the high-definition camera. It essentially lets a homeowner keep track of who is at your front door as well as who is leaving.

Therefore, if you see somebody that you do not recognize or somebody who looks suspicious, you can always take prior precautions. Most ring doorbells will work in the night too, due to their night vision software.

High-Functioning Audio

Once you have downloaded an app or software onto your mobile phones and devices, you can also speak to the person standing on the other side of the door. This way, you can have a quick and brief conversation with them regarding why they are here.

If it is somebody you are not expecting, you could also tell them to wait for you briefly. Therefore, this two-way audio works like a charm when you are uncertain or hesitant about new visitors.

Motion Sensors

While this is something that is usually only seen in action and thriller movies, it is, in fact, true. Today, most ring doorbells come with a motion detection feature that alerts you in case somebody is lingering around your house more often than necessary.


With the help of technology, all of your devices are synced and configured together. Therefore, once you download the mobile app, you can control the ring doorbell from anywhere around the house at whatever time you like.

Are They Really Waterproof?

Most ring doorbell advertisements and promotions take it too far. They show a doorbell covered in snow when the temperatures are freezing outside. While some brands guarantee that the doorbell will continue to function, it is not recommended to do so.

Therefore, to understand the nuances of how waterproof ring doorbells work, it is crucial to know the difference between specific terminologies. All of these terms have different meanings and will dictate how capable your ring doorbell actually is.

Water Resistant Ring Doorbells

When one says that a certain tool or equipment is water-resistant, they essentially mean that it will not be quickly or easily damaged when put in water. Therefore, the design of the equipment is intended to ensure that water does not get into the system easily.

Most ring doorbells come with a water-resistant guarantee and not a waterproof one. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the chances of water not damaging your device are significantly less. While it will try its best, there is no saying what can happen for sure.

Simply put, this is only the most basic and lowest level of protection that one can get. It involves a minor covering or layering that tries its’ level best not to get water into the most sensitive and easily damaged areas.

If you know you live in a neighborhood that will not be quickly affected by heavy rains or snow, then maybe you can opt for a water-resistant ring doorbell.

Water Repellent Ring Doorbells

If water resistance was level one, then this can definitely be called level two. It is almost like getting a step-up or an update on your already existing device. Therefore, if you wish to buy something a little firmer, then this is what you should opt for.

A device is known to be water-repellent when It successfully does its job of not letting the water penetrate both above the surface and deeper into the mechanics. Therefore, water-repellent ring doorbells will try to repel water from the surface level itself so that they do not get in further.

Water-repellent ring doorbells can successfully do this because they have a chemical coating that water cannot get through. Hence, even if your ring doorbell is alone outside in cold water or snow, it will most likely be safe from water.

This one definitely provides more protection than water-resistant ring doorbells, and therefore should be a considerable option. A lot of water-repellent doorbells are readily available in online stores too.

However, there are still some chances of some amount of water getting in. There is only one sort of device that can completely prevent it, the waterproof one!

Waterproof Ring Doorbell

This doorbell is literally like the ancient Greek Sea God that can withstand waves and hurricanes and still walk through them unaffected. Therefore, if you want this level of protection for your ring doorbell too, then the waterproof one is your best bet.

When it comes to “waterproof devices,” everything that is not affected by water falls under this list. Their core system and correcting features will try their best to ensure that no damage is done to the interior or exterior due to water, regardless of temperature, form, or intensity.

The catch here, though, is that there is absolutely no device in the world, which can guarantee to be one hundred percent waterproof. That is because there are bound to be some technical gray areas that cannot be looked after by even the best technology.

However, most product experts and companies will still claim to provide this guarantee. If you really want to be sure, you can check your device against a scale known as the Ingress Protection Rating Scale or the IP Code.

This scale is extremely helpful if an individual wants to find out just how much water a device can withstand or repel without completely or partially breaking down. It is a code that is essentially marked onto every single device.

It comes with a level number, which will tell you whether your device can repel fluids well and, if yes, how well.

Application Of Ring Doorbells

Now that you know all about the different terminologies and types of ring doorbells available, it is time to put this knowledge to use and buy your very own ring doorbell. As you would have seen, no ring doorbell is entirely waterproof.

However, there are definitely a lot of ways to compensate for it, which we will now look at. The best thing to do is place your ring doorbell somewhere where shelter is abundant and all around. That will ensure that it is automatically protected from most things.

Another very efficient thing to use is a waterproof shield or cover that can be mounted onto the ring doorbell. This double layer and protection will definitely make sure that not a single drop of water touches the innermost parts of your ring doorbell.

Finally, the durability and efficiency of the device also depend a lot on the brand and company that you are choosing. A lot of products will list down things that they eventually fail to live up to, hence making you visit the customer service office often.

Therefore, let us now take a look at some of the most well-performing ring doorbells and other related products in the market and how well they fare compared to each other. Hopefully, this should also help you decide which features are important to you and how you want to go ahead with the task.

UHPPTOE Waterproof Plastic Rain Cover Ring Doorbell

This extremely sleek and inventive design comes with more than one reserved hole to make setting up and installation extremely simple. Not only that, but it also has a plastic cover to protect itself from rain or direct sunlight.

  • Waterproof and professional cover
  • Large dimensions for better access
  • Rainproof protection shell
  • Efficient control keypad
  • Affordable compared to similar products
  • Holes become cracked easily
  • Dew can easily get in sometimes
  • Need to spray paint for UV protection

POPMAS Anti-Glare Ring Doorbell Visor

This attractive design consisting of an excellent quality acrylic material is a people’s favorite. It is the top-rated ring doorbell cover against glare effects and issues regarding vision at night or in the afternoon. It is the most trustworthy device to keep the rain as far away as possible

  • Weather blocking mount attached
  • Adjustable angle board
  • Three different angles of adjustment brackets
  • Helps against rainfall
  • Easy to move up and down
  • Could result in upper eye occlusion
  • Does not work that well in deflecting sunlight
  • Sunlight reflection can set off false alarms
  • Needs different screws for each model

Wasserstein Colorful And Protective Doorbell Skins

In case you think that a ring doorbell within itself will not be able to perform the most adequate job, then this one is for you. These doorbell skins by Wasserstein not only look great but also do their job well.

This company knows how much you are investing in a ring doorbell and thus protects it thoroughly. It comes with weatherproof and UV light resistant silicone skin that do their job brilliantly.

It also camouflages your ring doorbell for extra safety, and you can choose a color according to your walls and surroundings. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

  • Easy to use mechanism
  • Skins take seconds to assemble
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Discounts on additional products
  • Three months of complete warranty
  • Can exchange the product if unhappy
  • Does not fit on a ring doorbell with wedges
  • Not universal in size
  • Rubber could be too thin for protection
  • Only meager weather protection

Meffort Inc Silicone Skin Case Ring Doorbell Cover

This ring doorbell cover guarantees high-quality and good material when it comes to the protection of your ring doorbell. One thing that sets it apart is that while it is lightweight, it is also highly durable.

Furthermore, it does a wonderful job of disguising itself against the background and comes with UV and rain protection. It can easily be used as a slip-on to prevent damage to your ring doorbells.

Therefore, if you think that you are not completely happy with the protection of your ring doorbell, you can always opt for this.

  • Fits all first-generation ring doorbells
  • Extremely affordable compared to similar products
  • Excellent customer reviews and warranty services
  • Covers front, back, as well as sides
  • Works with a wedge mount
  • Only works well with extra space
  • Colors are not accommodative
  • Sometimes blocks some holes on the doorbell

Summing Up

Now that you are almost an expert on ring doorbells, it is time to go ahead and get yourself one. The first thing you should consider is how waterproof your doorbell really is.

However, with the latest technology, the doorbell has also seen a change in designs and advanced features. Therefore, finding something you like should not be hard at all!

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