How to Connect Echo Auto to Bluetooth

How to Connect Echo Auto to Bluetooth

The Amazon Echo Auto lets you use Alexa in the comfort of your vehicle. Although it is not the first device to do this, it is among the best options available because of its sleek look and affiliation with Amazon. There are always going to be concerns regarding how to set up this device in your car and what it will actually be able to do. Here’s how to connect Echo Auto to Bluetooth.

One of the simplest and most practical methods to associate your Echo Auto with other devices is via Bluetooth. Actually, the device requires this connection in order to sync with the Alexa app and make all of its abilities available to you.

The fact that connecting Echo Auto to Bluetooth is so simple and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge is fantastic. But since no gadget is error-free, you could run into some Bluetooth connectivity issues while traveling. This article offers some advice on troubleshooting Echo Auto in addition to a step-by-step tutorial on how to pair it using Bluetooth.

Setting up the connection

The setup procedure makes everything really simple, and the app can check your Bluetooth connection. All the steps are listed below.

Connect Echo Auto to your car’s power outlet, then turn on Bluetooth input on the stereo. The stereo does not need to be immediately turned on for Bluetooth. Take your smartphone, open the Alexa app, and navigate to Echo Auto after connecting the device. To do it follow these steps:

Devices -> “+” icon -> Add Device -> Amazon Echo -> Echo Auto

Your Echo Auto should appear under “Select An Accessory” once you click Continue in the “Warning and Terms and Services” page. When the process asks if you can use Bluetooth, tap the device to confirm and select OK. You then have the choice to test the Bluetooth speakers and connection. You can skip this step, but it’s a good idea to check that everything is working properly regardless. Simply tap the Play button in the app and Alexa should start speaking to you through the car speakers.

Following the test, Alexa will let you know the gadget is ready for usage. This indicates that it has properly paired with both the Bluetooth in your car and stereo.

If you are experiencing problems

The first step to take if your Bluetooth connectivity is weak is to force-quit or close the Alexa app and restart Echo Auto. You then restart the app and the device to see whether it was any assistance.

The choice to manually restart Echo Auto is always available. After removing the USB cable from the outlet, wait around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Feel free to reset your smartphone if it doesn’t work.

To revive the connection, try turning the Bluetooth on and off before restarting the device. Once more, you ought to wait a while before turning the feature back on. Amazon advises Android users to turn on Airplane mode, wait a while, and then turn it off.

As you may already be aware, connecting Echo Auto is not limited to Bluetooth. If you are unable to connect via Bluetooth, connect the device directly to your stereo using an AUX cord. The AUX connection should be detected by Alexa immediately, prompting you to use it. You should be fine to go once you change the stereo’s input mode to AUX. The additional cable on your dashboard is the only drawback of this approach.

Can I use Echo Auto on more than one phone at once?

Yes, the Echo Auto will connect to six different phones, albeit after the first setup, you might need to manually associate any additional phones. To do that, all you have to do is press and hold the action button on the top until the orange light turns on; after that, it will be back in setup mode.

The setup procedure can then be repeated using the Alexa app on the second phone.

When just one of those phones is present in the vehicle, that works perfectly, but if several people are using the vehicle at the same time, you may need to manually select the phone it connects to by disabling Bluetooth on any devices you don’t want it to connect to.

This only truly important when it comes to verifying that it is accessing the correct contacts list or drawing data from the appropriate device, etc.

Can Echo Auto answer calls?

Alexa’s information services and voice-activated music playback are the main purposes of the Echo Auto. However, it does permit some calling functions. First, you may use Alexa Calling to make calls to other Echo devices. Second, if you’ve synchronized your address book with the Alexa app, you can use Alexa Calling to call anyone in it because it can also make outgoing calls to your contacts.

Because anyone might possibly call your contacts using any Alexa device logged onto your account, you could decide that sharing all of your phone’s contacts with Amazon is not something you want to do.

Regardless of the Echo Auto, using the connection and calling features that your car offers is, in our opinion, the best choice for making calls.

Often, dialing directly from your car is already simple to do. Additionally, it implies that you can operate the call using steering-wheel buttons on your vehicle’s controls.

What if my car doesn’t have Bluetooth or an AUX input?

If your automobile lacks Bluetooth and a 3.5mm connector you are facing a greater issue. The simplest solution is to purchase a good Bluetooth speaker if your vehicle lacks a stereo.

There are numerous more possibilities, such as FM transmitters, if you have a stereo. You can connect to these by Bluetooth, and they will then broadcast on an FM frequency, which you can tune your car radio to. Yes, you’ll need to discover a blank spot on the radio tuner, but once you do, any signals it receives will be played through the speakers in your vehicle.

An FM transmitter’s drawback is that it is susceptible to interference. In truth, changing your car’s head unit, which also gives you access to greater connectivity, is probably going to be a better long-term answer. You’ll probably find it to be a simple process if you already have a single DIN vehicle audio, but you’ll need to check the specifications for your car.

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