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Can You Plug A Smart Plug Into A Power Strip?

A smart plug is one of the most useful devices when you want to build your own smart home, as it allows you to remotely control your appliances through your smartphone whilst everything is connected to your home Wi-Fi. The main problem with smart plugs is that most of them have only one socket, but this is where power strips come into play. A power strip enables you to plug in multiple appliances into one wall plug, eliminating the need of having to find a wall socket that’s not already plugged in around your home. Therefore, a smart power strip will give you centralized control over multiple appliances at the same time.


Some of you might think “What if I want to plug my smart plug into a power strip?” and that’s something completely normal, as some might not have enough wall sockets around the house and taking up a socket with just one appliance might be impractical. So, is it possible to plug a smart plug into a power strip and how safe is it?

The answer is yes, it is possible and also safe to do so, the only thing you have to be cautious about is that you don’t exceed the power limit written on your power strip. Other than that, plugging your smart plug into your power strip has no disadvantages.

Doing so has many advantages, let’s say you want to control your LED lamp with your smart plug, but you also want to have a phone charger plugged in at the same time, simply plug your smart plug next to the charger and you’re set! However, you have to be careful to not exceed the power limit mentioned on your power strip.

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Doing this is the best way to save money on your electricity bill. This enables you to control multiple devices at the same time, but not individually! You can have multiple appliances plugged in at the same time that you can control through your smartphone using Wi-Fi. Doing so, you’re being efficient with your power usage by not wasting energy when you’re not using the plugged-in appliances.

Once again, keep in mind that you have to check the power limit written on your power strip. Crossing this limit is dangerous.

Most power strips are 15 Amps and on a 120V circuit, the power strip can handle up to 1800 Watts. You still need to check the amperage on your power strips and find out how many Watts it can handle. Find out by multiplying the Volts by the Amps.


Plugging a smart plug into a power strip and vice-versa is doable and safe, as long as you are cautious. Doing so has its advantages, such as helping you save energy and being efficient with your power usage.

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