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Can Smart Plugs Work Without the Internet?

Have you experienced moments when you forget to turn off the lights while rushing out of a room? Thanks to smart plugs, you can turn them off even when you’re in another room, but will your smart plugs still work even if they don’t have an internet connection?

Once you connect your smart plug to the internet, these ingenious devices open a whole new world of convenience for you.

Not having an internet connection can leave a question mark on your smart plug’s existence. Without the internet, the smart plug can still act like a regular power socket.  Well, with no connectivity, you’ll be back to operating them like in the good old days.

It’s logical to mull over what your plug can do without the internet. So, can smart plugs work without the internet? – This article will help all those who are also wondering about this. Let’s get started!

What Does No Internet Mean?

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When we discuss ‘no internet,’ we generally try to indicate an inability to connect to the outside world through our devices or gadgets. Having access to an internet connection means being online.

When your smart plug does not have an internet connection, it means that it is offline. You can either have an interrupted internet connection or no connection at all.

How Can Your Smart Plug Lose Internet Connection?

There are a couple of means by which your smart plug can lose internet connection at your home. In this section, we’ll discuss smart plugs that use Wi-Fi and a hub. By the end of this section, you’ll understand why your smart plug isn’t working.

Smart Plugs Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi-based smart plugs are one of the most common types. Many smart plugs rely on a stable Wi-Fi connection to function.

The plugs connect to your router wirelessly using Wi-Fi. In this way, the router channels the data to the internet.

If your smart plug is not working because of internet issues, there can be three scenarios:

  • The router isn’t able to connect to the internet correctly.
  • You might be experiencing an unstable or a slow internet connection.
  • It might be the smart plug that isn’t connecting correctly to the router.

Smart Plugs Using Hub

You’ll also come across advanced smart plug models that are using hubs for connecting to the internet.

Typically, the plugs that use hubs are either a Z-Wave smart plug or ZigBee smart plug. Both of these are the second-best options when your device is not able to connect to Wi-Fi.

If you want to run these advanced plugs without Wi-Fi, you need to have a smart hub. The smart plug can communicate with the smart hub. Ultimately, the smart hub relays the information onto the router.

As a result, there can be no potential internet problems being a roadblock for the smart plug to function. If your smart device is connected to a hub and still not working, these might be the reasons:

  • Your router is not able to establish a stable internet connection.
  • The smart hub might be at fault while connecting incorrectly to the router.
  • The smart plug and the smart hub are not able to communicate and connect correctly.

What Can Smart Plugs Do Without Internet?

It’s natural for smart plug owners to wonder what their device can do without the internet. Let’s help you figure that out!

Without Internet Connection

Without the internet connection, your smart plugs aren’t useless. It’s just that you cannot control them remotely.

A plug that connects to your router or the smart hub allows you to perform an array of functions. Of course, you need to be on the same Wi-Fi connection to give commands to your smart plug.

In simple terms, if you are at home, connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can control the smart plug. And, if you are not at home, you cannot access control of the smart plug.

Depending on what triggers the automation system, some plugs and devices might still function.

For instance, the light automatically turns on when you return home after dark. It is possible when your phone connects to the home network.

The possibilities of home automation are endless. Though such devices rely on the internet, they might still function as ordinary plugs without connection.

No Wi-Fi Warning

If your smart plug relies on Wi-Fi for functioning, it might give you a warning when it’s not able to connect.

Smart plugs communicate with their manufacturer’s servers. The server sends in all the commands to the smart plugs. If the smart plug cannot establish a connection and communicate, it cannot function as intended.

All you can do is use the device as a regular switch for power on and off. Though not all Wi-Fi-based smart plugs function this way, a majority of them do.

Does Scheduling Work When Internet Is Down?

The answer is, it depends. There are several ways through which you can create a schedule for your plugs. Depending on your choice, scheduling might or might not work when the internet goes down. 

Schedules Via Hub

The virtual assistant and hubs schedule and convey the commands to your devices through the cloud.

It means that your device will not perform the scheduled tasks without the internet.

Schedules Via Device Apps

It is possible to create a schedule for your plug through device apps. You can schedule your plug device using apps like Kasa Smart and WeMo with compatible smart plugs. These apps will continue scheduling the plug even if the internet is unstable or not working.

It is because these devices save the requests locally in their built-in memory. However, if the internet is unavailable for a long duration, they might lose their time because of sync issues.

Making Smart Plugs Work Without an Internet Connection

Mi EU smart plug - should be listed in the Mi Home app of set to EU. : Aqara

If you’d like your smart plugs to still work when the internet is down, you can change the way they communicate. Wi-Fi is one of the typical ways because it is cost-effective and easy to set up.

However, if you want to expand your smart home setup, you have to look beyond Wi-Fi. The two alternative ways are Z-Wave and ZigBee. They might be complex, but they are reliable.

Through the smart home hub, you can connect to virtual assistants without an internet connection. Hubs also work readily to integrate multiple devices through IFTTT.

These are the advantges of ZigBee or Z-Wave:

  • Interactions and schedules between devices function without Wi-Fi
  • More advanced schedules and routines
  • The mesh network is longer and stable than Wi-Fi routers
  • Linking devices from different brands and combining them to work together

Internet Troubleshooting For Smart Plug

You’re probably searching for “can smart plugs work without the internet?” because you might be in that situation.

No need to feel hapless. This guide will rush to your aid with some helpful troubleshooting tips for smart plugs with no internet. Here are some tips:

Ensure That The Smart Plug Is Properly Plugged

There’s a good chance that the plug might be on not well connected to the power outlet. It might sound ignorant, but it can be the case.

Even if it looks like it’s plugged in well, try to push it again so that it connects well.

This tip will hardly take a few seconds. You may double-check the plug by turning it off and on again.

Try To Power Cycle

One of the most classic and old questions the IT repair guy asks is, “Did you try to turn off the device and then back on?”

Honestly, this trick seems to work just fine. In this case, unplug the device from the outlet and wait for a couple of minutes. Then, plug it right back in and turn it on.

Sometimes the device needs to clear up, and the power cycle seems to be helpful. If it is a recurring issue, the device might be suffering from a software bug.

Software Updates

If the above two tips are not working for you, the next thing to do is check for software updates.

The updates might fix potential bugs in the device and also have updates for enhanced security. Updating the device will also add performance and feature enhancements from the manufacturer if any.

Check Router Or Smart Hub

Before you jump onto the next tip, you should check your hub or router. All this time, we were considering the possibility of faults in the plug. But your router can also be the reason behind the issue.

It is ideal for checking the connection of your hub and router. Here are some things to consider. Finding the answer to these questions might help you with fixing the issue.

  • Is your router or hub able to connect to the internet?
  • Are there too many devices that are connected to the router or hub currently?
  • Are the other devices connected to the same router or hub working?

Factory Reset

The factory reset is your last resort in case all else fails to work. If you have tried all the tips mentioned earlier, the factory reset is the final option.

However, bear in mind that once you do a factory reset, you have to set up the device all over again. It may not be a big deal, but it could not be very easy if you are unaware of the setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Have A Smart Home Without Internet Connection?

The good news is that you can have a smart home without an internet connection. As long as you are using a suitable smart device and implementing it properly, it should work. Many smart devices in the market do not rely on Wi-Fi for functioning.

Do Virtual Voice Assistants On Smart Plugs Work Without Internet?

Unfortunately, the smart plug will not take up any voice commands in the absence of the internet. You can’t possibly say ‘hey Alexa!’ and expect the smart plug to respond without an internet connection.

To Sum Up

Now you know that a lot of your smart plugs’ functions depend on a steady internet connection. Therefore, smart plugs will work without an internet connection, but not to their full extent. Without the internet, you can bid farewell to advanced features like voice control.

We hope that this article was able to answer everything you had in mind. To conclude, if you don’t have a steady Wi-Fi connection around, buying smart plugs is not a worthy investment.

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